world's largest lemon, weighing two and a half kilos

world’s largest lemon, weighing two and a half kilos

In neighboring India, a farmer has grown lemons the size of melons. Vijendra Thori, a farmer from Kishangarh in Hisar district of Haryana, India, weighs 2.5 kg of lemon grown in his field.

People have come from far and wide to see the giant lemon and take selfies.

This is the size of all the lemons grown on the lemon trees in his field. People are shocked when they see that scene. Vijendra also says that he never imagined that such a big lemon would grow in his field.

According to Vijendra, he had brought Junar fruit plants from Punjab a few years ago and planted them in his field. He then brought in the weather and planted lemon trees at different times. When the lemons in his field began to bear fruit, the shape of the fruit was unnatural.

Vijendra has now decided to register the 2.5 kg lemon in his Guinness Book of World Records. Probably, the lemon he grows holds the record as the largest lemon in the world. Agency

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