Umbrellas in the sky of New Road! The plan made in Chittagong is viral

Umbrellas in the sky of New Road! The plan made in Chittagong is viral

8 Dec, Kathmandu. In the fifth procession, which is celebrated on the day of the horse procession, the people of Neurod pull the chariot and dance to cover the road. Such a coincidence does not happen on other days of the year to celebrate like this. This year, due to the epidemic of corona virus, they were not allowed to dance openly in the fifth procession. On top of that, the traders of New Road, the main business center, became distraught after the trade and business came to a standstill due to the long lockdown. People had to turn their attention to Neurod to boost the declining business. The plan for that has made one of the streets of New Road attractive. Around 400 umbrellas have been hung in the sky on the way from New Road Gate to Sankata via Sundhara Marg. At a distance of about 150 meters, flowers have been planted in about 30 pots along the road covered with colorful umbrellas. It has attracted a lot of people. There are many people who come to make tickets and do photo sessions.

In Chitwan, an attempt was made to attract tourists as ‘Umbrella Street’ according to the same concept a year ago. Secretary of Sankata Club Ashish Man Singh says that this new concept started in Kathmandu has gained popularity in just 10 days. ‘In the past, about 1,000 people used to come here daily. Now, more than 10,000 people visit here daily,’ says Singh. ‘It will gradually increase trade.’ During a tea party between traders in the Tabhal area of ​​New Road on the last day of December, Corona’s fears were allayed, but everyone expressed concern that trade was not picking up speed. There were also opinions to boost trade. During the conversation, Sankata Club Secretary Singh said that he saw ‘Umbrella Street’ while going to Europe. After others agreed to use the same, Rs. 80,000 was collected. And, the work of decorating the road started from that day.

Around 400 colorful umbrellas have been hung on the way from New Road Gate to Sankata via Sundhara Road. Flowers are bloomed in about 30 pots. A Buddhist stupa in the same area is also decorated with warm lights at night. ‘There is no space left. We have managed to add beauty by managing the empty space,’ says Singh. The unorganized parking has been removed. Secretary of the Sankata Club Singh says that the employees of the municipality and the club of the afternoon do regular cleaning in the morning. According to him, Rs 9/10 lakh has been spent so far, which has been borne by clubs, local traders and municipal or ward offices.

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