Malika in a sudden discussion

After playing the role of a blind man in the film ‘Yatra’, some viewers even speculated that Malika Mahat was blind.

Although the film did not give him much success, it made him known in the film industry. After that, he kept getting offers from various films. Lately, she has been in the news because of her music videos.

The audience has liked Malika who was seen with model and artist Pal Shah in the music video of the song ‘Phoolbutte Sari’. The video of the song sung by Milan Newar has become a highly watched video in a short time.

This song has been watched more than the original song ‘Phoolbutte Sari’ sung by singer Marmik Lama.

Malika’s performance in the music video is equally popular. In the video, she has played the role of a shy girl. The same music video has also given him a discussion among the viewers who were not recognized by the film ‘Yatra’.

Lately, he has been getting the same offer from music videos. Malika says that after the song became a hit, many offers came from the music video.

She also says that if she doesn’t like the song, she won’t act in the music video. She says that even though the offer came from the music video, the offer did not come from the film.

In Malika’s debut film ‘Yatra’, she was paired with Salman Bania. She had garnered average discussion from this film.

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