learn a lot from Aryan brother Upasana

learn a lot from Aryan brother Upasana

After a gap of more than a year, actress Upasana Singh Thakuri signed the movie ‘December Falls’. In the film, they are seen as a pair of hero Aryan Sigdel. The production team is preparing to present the film in a love and thriller story.

Why did the actress, who paid so much attention while signing the film, say yes to working with Aryan? Talking to online news, Upasana said, ‘I liked the plot and the team of the movie very much. That’s why I’m excited to work. ‘

Upasana says that she is very excited to work with the protagonist Aryan Sigdel. Upasana says, “I went to Aryan brothers shooting once without coming to the film industry. At that time, I also took a picture with Aryan brother. I think I will learn a lot from Aryan brother. ‘

Upasana says that she is always excited to work in a new role. That is why he chooses a new story.

Upasana said, ‘I don’t think I should play the same role in every film.’ My attention is drawn to new roles. That’s why the story of December Falls has fascinated me. ‘

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