How to Strengthen the Lungs with Ayurvedic Method

Most of the coronavirus (Covid-19) infected are in home isolation. Lack of oxygen and beds in hospitals is being discussed everywhere. Infected people living in home isolation with normal symptoms and no symptoms are under stress. Naturally, they are worried that oxygen is needed somewhere.

According to doctors, not all infected corona need oxygen, ICU and ventilator. Dr. Basudev Upadhyaya says that only three percent of the corona infected need to be admitted to the hospital.

He said that the condition of oxygen in the body of an infected person living in home isolation can be known in a normal way by staying at home. He says that by keeping a pulse oximeter at home, the amount of oxygen in the body can be measured by oneself. However, if there is no pulse oximeter, the amount of oxygen in the body can be known from yoga practice, he said.

If the amount of oxygen in the body reaches below 90, it can create health problems. Many people are worried that coronavirus infections will damage the lungs if the amount of oxygen in the lungs is low.

Whether corona infection has damaged the lungs and regular practice of pranayama within traditional yoga is beneficial to gradually improve the affected lungs, said Dr. Upadhyaya explains.

  • Pranayama, if you can hold your breath for 20 seconds, the person’s lung condition is understood to be normal. If a person sitting in home isolation can do pranayama and hold his breath for 20 seconds, he may not need oxygen.
  • If a person sitting in home isolation cannot hold his breath while doing pranayama for 20 seconds, he should understand that he needs oxygen and should consult a health worker.
  • If the amount of oxygen in the body has decreased, if there is no condition to take oxygen immediately or if you cannot reach the hospital, then for some time, when the patient is lying on his knees, the emphasis is on the lungs. Then the amount of oxygen may increase slightly.
  • Those who return from the hospital after treatment with oxygen, ICU and ventilator, it is better to do at least 5 to 10 minutes of pranayama every two hours.
  • While doing pranayama, you should try to increase the order of breathing from 20 seconds. When doing pranayama, it is better to try to hold your breath for 20 to 30 seconds. But, you should not hold your breath forcibly in the name of doing pranayama.

Infected people living in home isolation should take such ayurvedic medicine

  • The lungs of those who have returned home after treatment with oxygen, ICU and ventilator have not fully returned to their previous condition. Pranayama can improve quickly after returning home from treatment.
  • Pranayama can be done even by the patients undergoing treatment in the hospital bed.
  • Kovid has returned home after recovering from the hospital. Drink 1 to 2 grams of cinnamon powder in drinking water. If you are in the village, it is better to put 5-6 basil leaves in 2 to 3 liters of water daily.
  • Daily intake of Bojo, Harrae 1 gram, Gurjae 5 grams regularly improves the condition of the infected and helps to prevent covid.
  • People with normal health condition should also do pranayama regularly. Because pranayama is meaningful to take oxygen according to the capacity of the lungs.

At present, with the advent of modern technology, there is a growing tendency for everyone to immediately believe and not believe in traditional technology. Upadhyaya explains. If such physical practices are traditional, people will not care. However, he complains that if the same physical practice and some kind of yoga is given modern terminology, the number of believers will be large.

In Ayurveda, vitamin C required by the body is obtained from amla, lemon, orange and sour fruits. However, if a public health expert says that vitamin C should be taken, there are many people who are ready to take vitamin C tablets immediately, he said.

At present, the first herb honey is being studied in India and China. The eldest honey is found in abundance in the village. Various studies have shown that corona infections play an important role in healing the affected lungs. He said that studies have confirmed that the eldest honey can prevent the damage caused by covid.

“It’s not that Kovid recovers after eating honey,” he says. “It’s not that you don’t have to go to the hospital, but it does reduce the risk of infection.”

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