Here are six fruits that help strengthen the immune system in winter

Here are six fruits that help strengthen the immune system in winter

This year, the most important task for people around the world has been to increase immunity. The corona virus epidemic has also made people more aware of their health than in previous years. Similarly, now is the time for climate change in Nepal. It is slowly getting colder in all parts of Nepal. When the weather changes, almost everyone has a common cold, cough and mild fever.

Therefore, health experts have suggested to focus on foods that strengthen your immune system as much as possible in such cases. The seasonal flu is still coughing, but at the same time the corona is spreading around the world, which is why people are now taking a number of measures to improve their immune systems.

Here are six fruits that help strengthen the immune system in the winter and in the winter:

1) Mango: When eating mango in winter, it only provides vitamin C to the body and its antioxidant element prevents infection in the body. It also protects the body’s cells. The fiber in it reduces the risk of heart disease and controls blood sugar levels.

2) Pears: Fruits reduce the risk of many diseases ranging from keeping the digestive system normal. One of such fruits is pear. An excellent source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, pears benefit both the body and the skin. As well as being juicy and tasty, pears are rich in vitamin C, flavonoids, protein, calcium, iron, fiber, antioxidants, and antibacterial properties that help improve the body’s immune system and prevent infections.

3) Oranges: Oranges are considered a good source of vitamin C and calcium. It reduces the risk of seasonal infections and keeps the body’s overall system healthy. Orange juice is also very good for health.

4) Apples: Apples help to protect the body from many diseases. It strengthens the immune system and eliminates body aches, burns and swelling. Apples contain pectin, fiber, vitamin C and K which also strengthens the immune system.

5) Weather: Weather is a fruit that contains sufficient amount of vitamin C. Due to which it improves the body’s immune system. Consuming seasonal juices also provides plenty of fiber.

6) Plum: This fruit is the main source of antioxidant properties. This fruit contains beneficial nutrients to fight the deadly disease cancer. It is very beneficial to consume this fruit in winter season.

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