Electricity will be extracted from Siddhikhola

Electricity will be extracted from Siddhikhola

Ilam: Another hydropower project is to come into operation in Ilam. 6.5 MW of hydropower will be operated from Siddhikhola of Ilam.

Siddhi Hydro will operate in Rong village and in Siddhikhola, which flows along the border of Suryodaya municipality.

Work has been started to complete the work by 2078 BS. Head tanks have been constructed near Kharbani of Rong-6 and Suryodaya Municipality-5. A power house will be constructed at Rambhede by extending the pipeline from Sungtung and Rambhede of Rong-6 below 3,600 meters.

It is estimated that it will cost around Rs 1.20 billion to generate electricity with two Pelton turbines, said Engineer Diwas Bhattarai.

Earlier, Lumbini Hydro had planned to generate 10.2 megawatts of electricity in the river, but it has started preparations to generate 6.5 megawatts of electricity due to low water level in the river.

An access road from Rambhang to the head tank and power house has been constructed for the operation of the project. According to Engineer Bhattarai, a building has been constructed to run the office. The electricity generated from here will be taken to the transmission line in Fikal and connected to the central transmission line.

The locals are happy after the operation of hydropower in the village. They are happy that roads will be constructed in the villages and electricity generated from their own place will be connected to the central transmission line.

Govinda Poudel, a local, said that if they do their duty, they will do more to develop the capacity of the locals and reduce the environmental impact. More than a dozen hydropower plants are in operation in various rivers of Ilam.

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