Don't remember anything | Here are eight ways to increase brain capacity

Don’t remember anything | Here are eight ways to increase brain capacity

Sometimes I can’t remember the name of a person or place as much as I try to remember it. This must have happened to many.

It is said that people’s memory decreases with age. This is true, but the mind can be kept healthy.

If you want to increase your mental capacity, you can use the method mentioned here.

  1. Exercise:

Exercise improves the interaction between the brain cells and builds new cells.

When you do cardio exercise you get a lot of oxygen and if you do this exercise in the open field you also get vitamin D through it.

Doing so keeps the mind fresh and healthy.

  1. Try to remember while doing something:

If you have a presentation or speech, remember to walk or dance your notes in preparation. By doing this you will remember those things for a long time. Actors also use this method.

  1. Balanced diet:

About 20 percent of the energy in the food you eat goes directly to the brain. This is why the working state of the brain depends on the level of glucose.

If your sugar level is out of control, your brain may become confused. Foods that release the chemical dopamine are considered excellent for the brain.

Also, keep in mind that brain cells are made up of fat, so keep using fat in your diet. In addition, nuts, pears and fish are considered very good for the brain.

  1. Also learn to lose touch with the world:

Stress is good for the brain because the brain thinks fast in emergencies. But long-term stress can have a negative effect.

So sometimes it is very necessary to lose contact with the world. It relaxes the mind.

However, at this time you can use other parts of the brain. This is the part that makes us dream during the day. It plays a very helpful role in strengthening the memory.

  1. Finding a new challenge:

To keep the mind healthy you challenge it, keep learning new things.

That is, by learning a new language and learning a new art, you can increase the capacity of your mind.

If you can’t do all this, try playing online games with your friends and family.

  1. Listen to music:

Music has a very positive effect on the mind. When someone is listening to a song or playing a musical instrument, their whole body is becoming active.

Music will help a lot when you have lost your memory many times.

  1. Read and sleep:

If you read something new before you go to sleep, the wires of the two cells of your brain are connected and after you go to sleep, the connection between these two cells becomes very strong and what you read is included in your memory.

Therefore, sleep is the most important link for memory. That’s why avoid watching movies and scary stories before going to bed. Sleep with positive thinking and experience.

  1. Get up in the morning like this:

Now you know that sleep is very important. If you sleep less than five hours, you may not be as alert mentally. This condition also occurs when you sleep for more than 10 hours.

Also, how you get up is important.

It is best to sleep in the dark and wake up when it is getting light. If the morning sunlight falls on your eyes, it prepares the brain for an excellent response.

If there is no sunlight in the house, buy an alarm with a light system.

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