Don't do these things in winter

Don’t do these things in winter

It is found that most people cultivate all kinds of plants to avoid cold. Not caring about the little things can cost you dearly. So take these precautions in winter: –

Don’t eat too much tea or coffee
Hot tea and coffee are often eaten in winter thinking that life is hot. But, on the contrary, it is useless. Eating more tea and coffee increases the amount of caffeine and sugar in the body. As a result, the body becomes dehydrated, blood sugar levels rise, sleep deprivation, etc. It is better to get in the habit of drinking hot milk, green tea or hot water in winter instead of tea and coffee.

Do not drink less water
I don’t feel thirsty in winter due to lack of sweat. You should not drink water or eat too little just because you are not thirsty. Problems like dull skin, increased constipation, cracked lips etc. are seen in winter. Drinking water from time to time reduces this problem.

Don’t overheat the sun
The sun is naturally lovely in winter. But, don’t sunbathe too long. Do not heat the sun for more than half or a quarter of an hour. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause skin burns and facial problems.

Do not apply sunblock lotion
Many people do not apply sunblock lotion when they go out in the sun in winter as they do not feel sunburned in winter. However, skin-damaging radiation is emitted even in winter. That’s why you should not forget to apply sunblock lotion even in winter. Even when the sun is hot, you should apply sunblock on your face and hands.

Don’t sleep too much
I don’t like to get out of the circus in winter. That is why it gets up late in winter. Sirak Oder is spent sleeping on holidays. But, this should not be done. Making bedtime and waking time the same throughout the year is good for your health. Disruption of sleep and waking hours can lead to long-term insomnia and other problems.

Don’t go out without wearing a mask
Especially in winter, especially in the morning, if you go out somewhere, don’t forget to wear a mask. This is because in winter, bacteria and viruses are more active in the lower layers of the atmosphere in the morning and evening. Also, dust particles accumulate in the lower layers of the atmosphere at this time. If you go out without wearing a mask, the risk of getting respiratory, skin etc. related diseases increases.

Take time not to take a hot bath
Bathing in hot water in winter is beneficial for health. But, do not pour more hot water. Pouring more hot water reduces the natural moisturizer on the skin and makes the skin dull.

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