Distribution of Trial License Started from Dhangadhi Nepal

The Department of Transport Management has decided to implement the Transport Management Act after 29 years and the same decision has been implemented in the far western states as well. Distribution of trial driver’s license provided by the Vehicle and Transport Management Act 2049 BS has also started in the Far West.

Since the distribution of digital driver’s licenses in the far-western states, there was an obligation to wait for one year for a license. Now, with the distribution of trial permits, the obligation to carry cheats has been removed. According to Laxman Shah, chief of the Transportation Management Office, Kailali, the license will be revoked after passing the examination for a period of one year. He said that arrangements have been made to issue such license after passing the examination for the convenience of the driver.

He said, “There were many complaints from service recipients such as late arrival of licenses and non-arrival of quality. Now we will reduce that complaint. If you do more, the license will be revoked. If you don’t make a mistake, we will give you a smart license. ‘

With the start of distribution of driver’s license, the obligation to drive with cheat for one year has come to an end. Expressing happiness after getting the trial license, the service recipients have responded that it will be easier to drive now.

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