Bothered by mosquitoes Homemade way to get rid of mosquitoes

Bothered by mosquitoes Homemade way to get rid of mosquitoes

The pain caused by mosquitoes in summer is very irritating. Even those living in hot areas have become victims of various diseases caused by mosquitoes. This can be good news for you if you are bothered by various measures to avoid it.

Camphor and water: You can get rid of mosquitoes by using camphor and water. If you put two pieces of camphor in a quarter cup of water, you can get rid of mosquitoes like magic. And if you add another piece of camphor to the water, the mosquitoes will run away faster.

Lemon and Clove: Mosquitoes do not like the smell of lemon and clove. So cut two lemons in half and place 5 to 6 cloves inside each piece and place them on a plate in your room. After doing so, the mosquitoes run away from the room.

Garlic: Garlic is a must at home. If you use food with more garlic, mosquitoes will stay away from people who eat garlic.

Ayurvedic Spray: Do You Use Mosquito Repellent Creams? Leave it at that. Now you can make your own mosquito repellent from home technology. This requires home-made ingredients such as basil, water and vodka.

First boil the basil and water and put the water in a clean bottle after squeezing the basil well. Add half the vodka to the bottled water. Shake gently. Mosquito repellent spray is now ready in your home.

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