Benifit of More Than 16 Diseases for Aloevera Nectar is the Aloevera

Probably few people have never heard of Aloevera. Even if you hear it, some people may not know about its benefits. But it cures many diseases.

It cures everything from eye diseases to brain diseases. These are the benefits of Aloevera. Eye disease Aloevera’s gourd fits well with turmeric and is applied to the eyes at night while sleeping. The whole eye disease is cured.

In case of ear disease, it is better to apply it on the left ear in case of right ear pain and in the right ear in case of left ear pain and in both cases.

In case of brain disease, if you eat 1 teaspoon of Aloevera daily and apply it on the palate, burning of the head, bile disorder etc. will be cured and the brain will be cooled down.

In chronic fever, Aloevera’s root can be cured by eating it with 1 teaspoon of hot water. By doing this, if there is vomiting, there is no need to be afraid, bile comes out. In case of jaundice and jaundice, if you take 1 teaspoon of Aloevera in the morning and in the evening, your eyes and body will turn yellow and it will heal.

The wound heals quickly and heals when the kernel is heated and tied to the wound.

If the air is rounded, 1 teaspoon of Aloevera gudi, 1 teaspoon of good turmeric, 1 pinch of cedar oil and hot water on an empty stomach for a few days is fine. In case of diabetes, if 1 teaspoon of ghee is mixed with 1 teaspoon of gurjo essence (sugar) in the anus of a virgin, the disease will be cured.

Eating Mcha Aloevera’s Gudi Bihanbeluka to stay young does not touch any raga, the teeth are strong, the tone is melodious, the hair is black, it always provides strength to the body.

Regular consumption of Aloevera juice or Gudi in any poison destroys the toxins of the whole body and provides strength. Applying it on the body as a massage also has many benefits.

In case of headache, apply Aloevera’s Ledo on the conch and apply it on the conch. If a lump is seen in the abdomen, it can be cured by heating Aloevera and tying it on the place where there is a lump in the abdomen.

If the child is constipated, apply Aloevera’s Ledo and soap gauze around the nipple and it will cure the defecation. If you have gout, you can cure gout by consuming one teaspoon of Aloevera’s Gudi daily in the morning.

Aloevera’s Gudi is taken daily in the morning to cure acne. Mixing turmeric in Aloevera’s anus and tying it warmly in case of melancholy, injury and swelling, the pain is reduced quickly and the injury is also cured.

Mixing turmeric in Aloevera’s anus and tying it warmly in case of melancholy, injury and swelling, the pain is reduced quickly and the injury is also cured. If you have ringworm, you can drink Aloevera and apply it on garlic.

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