Aruna Shahi the captain of the national volleyball team, won the hearts of all by Playing Volleyball

Aruna Shahi the captain of the national volleyball team, won the hearts of all by Playing Volleyball

Aruna Shahi Like everyone’s parents, Kamala and Kuver Shahi also thought that it was natural to worry that their daughter would get spoiled by playing sports. But when the daughter gained immense fame by playing for the country, the same parents said that our daughter has enhanced our dignity.

This is the case of Aruna Shahi, the captain of the Nepali national women’s volleyball team. The story of Nepali sports in 2076 BS is the 13th South Asian Games in Nepal. He has many success stories. Probably the most impressive medal is the silver won by the women’s volleyball team.

That is to say, what is this silver medal in one gold crowd after another and Rs. The essence of this silver medal is different, even unique. Volleyball is the national sport of Nepal. On top of that, women’s volleyball is very popular. For this, the year 2076 was a different year.

This year’s achievement shows that Nepal’s potential in this game is equally great. Nepal had won gold in the AVC Central Zone Women’s Volleyball Championship that year. This is the biggest success that women’s volleyball has ever had. After that, he won a silver medal in the South Asian Games.

Aruna was the biggest character of the team in this journey. She is the captain as well as the deepest setter. After all, the 27-year-old has devoted more than half of her life to 14 years of volleyball.

After these two great successes, the parents of Raghuganga village of Myagdi would not be proud of their daughter and she is now the youngest of the whole village. Aruna has been nominated for the Pulsar Sports Award of the Year 076 organized by Nepal Sports Journalists Forum.

Now it is the job of the common sportsperson to win Aruna by casting as many votes as possible for her contribution to the overall volleyball. Nepal’s rival was India. In the gold competition, Nepal had won the first two sets.

Everyone thought that now the gold belongs to Nepal. But that did not happen, Nepal then lost three sets. It not only lost three sets but also lost gold. Aruna felt as if she had been snatched from the mouth. The final game was over, all the players could not hold back their tears on the court.

Even Aruna, who did not have to cry much at other times, could not stop herself, tears flowed. However, Aruna is not a talkative person. He is more than a light introvert. As a captain, he has to speak. But, like everyone else, she dreams a lot, even during the day.

It is more than a habit to play with the dream. It is unbelievable that it has been a year since the final was over and no moments of that time have disappeared from Aruna’s mind.

She thinks that if she could get back to the finals by reversing the cycle of time, she would try to reverse the three sets she lost. She tried to win gold. All these are fantasies, but it draws the essence of what Aruna is like. She says hakahaki volleyball is my first love.

When she was playing Virendra Shield as a child, she first caught the eye of coach Kaushila Khatri, then went straight to Gyanubaba School, which is famous for volleyball. Then many people know the story. She has been the captain for some years now.

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