Are you annoyed by children refusing to wear masks

Are you Annoyed by Children Refusing to Wear Masks

One after another waves of descriptions of the world epidemic are coming. Now there is no special medicine to spend a lot of time. Corona vaccines are being marketed to different countries in the market. My mask and sanitizer have become a way to avoid getting corona.

Corona is a world mask and sanitizer used to call one person another person Niros. In order to use the mask on the masala man, the radical child is not required to wear the mask. However, the child needs to wear a mask. And the child needs to be told about Moscow. The child above the age of 2 years will go out, the social network will not go out. Wear a mask.

Colorful mask

Children do not mind delivery. Therefore, children buy masks with pictures of Manrekha cartoon characters. The child happily put on the mask.

Wear a mask

The child often learns a lot. Those parents are told to wear masks to imitate the children. Wear masks in public places to demonstrate, wear baby masks instead of Gerbjustin.

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