Annoyed by the fast running out of mobile battery? Follow these simple steps

Annoyed by the fast running out of mobile battery? Follow these simple steps

In today’s busy time, it is difficult to imagine life without a smartphone. For people, the phone has become a reliable friend. Phones have become indispensable for people to spend time, gather information or engage in a variety of recreational activities. Due to the constant use of the phone, we do not have time to fully charge the phone.

In this case, the phone switches off quickly due to lack of battery, which can cause us to miss important calls. So, here are five tips to keep your phone battery running for a long time.

  1. Keep the brightness of the display low: Display plays an important role in the phone. If the quality of the display on the phone is not good, then all the content we see on the phone appears to be of poor quality. If you want the battery to last longer in the phone, keep the brightness of the phone’s display low.

This reduces battery consumption and makes the battery last longer. However, if the brightness is kept low in a bright place, the display may not be visible. In this case, increase the amount of brightness on the phone again and reduce it again after work.

  1. Turn off Bluetooth and location service: If the phone has Bluetooth and location service on, turn it off immediately. This feature of the phone drains the battery very quickly. Use it again if needed and put it off mode. It can be turned off immediately from the Quick Access panel.
  2. Don’t use live wallpapers: When. Live wallpapers are used, then high frequency displays are updated on the display. Due to which the battery is consumed a lot and runs out quickly.

Such live wallpapers refresh the screen at a high rate and also use other resources of the phone. Turning it off in this case prolongs the battery life of the phone.

  1. Close Background Apps: When we open an app and go straight to the home screen without closing it, those apps are running in the background. Due to which the processor of the phone is also working. Even in this case, the battery runs out quickly.
  2. Turn on battery saver mode: If you are going somewhere and have not found a place to charge the battery. Also, if your phone’s battery is about to run out, the new model phones now have the facility to save battery.

Due to which this feature can extend the battery life up to 2 hours. Also, if you don’t need other features like WiFi immediately, turning off such features will make the battery last longer.

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